Network Cabling

Established in 1996, Systel is a full service cable and wire installation company offering businesses integrated voice and data wiring installations. We have extensive experience cabling for computer networks, data centers, VoIP phone systems, and telecommunications throughout the Southeast, including Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina, and North Carolina. No matter what you are looking to install, whether a Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, or Cat8 cabling network, Systel has the experience to build a world-class communications infrastructure for your business. In accordance with BICSI and EIA/TIA industry standards, Systel always uses quality, name-brand, high-performance products to perform cabling installations.


Nothing is too large or complex for us to handle.

No matter what you need, we assure you that Systel is adequately equipped and prepared for the job. Experienced in all different types of cabling, there is no job that is too large or complex for Systel to handle. We look forward to providing your business with data and voice cabling solutions!

Systel eliminates the time you spend managing all of your technology providers.

In addition to structured cabling, Systel provides full, turnkey infrastructure solutions such as managed IT services and VoIP phone systems. In providing you these services and solutions, Systel eliminates your business’s need for multiple technology vendors.

Aerial and Buried/Underground Cable

On projects that require connectivity between buildings or in a campus environment, Systel’s outside plant group supports the inside premises group. Teamwork between these two installation units allows for an uninterrupted construction schedule and timely completion of your total communications project.

Data Center and Central Office Wiring

The copper and fiber optic network infrastructure of your data center is the foundation of your business; its performance is crucial to your success. To allow your users to experience the high performance network on which many enterprises rely, Systel builds mission-critical data center facilities with fiber optic and augmented Category 8 (for 40 GigE over copper) cabling.

We Install Cabling Products for
  • Office Buildings
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Religious Facilities
  • Phone Systems & VoIP
  • Small Businesses
  • Educational Facilities
  • Restaurants
  • Data Centers
  • Server Cabling
  • Desktop Cabling
  • Equipment/ Server Racks
  • Wireless Access Points
  • Cubicle Cabling
  • Demarc Extensions
  • Printer Cabling
  • POS Cabling

Manufacturers We Partner With

Systel is proud to partner with the world’s best manufacturers and distributors. See All!

Data Cabling Installation

Systel has skilled technicians that can fulfill all aspects of your structured cabling or network cabling needs. We provide a full range of IT Infrastructure and network cabling services for commercial customers, ranging from system design and construction to voice and data cable installation using Cat 5, Cat 5e, Cat6, Cat6a, Cat8, fiber optic installation and termination, fiber optic certification and testing, and cable demolition and cable removal. Our goal is to deliver exceptional quality and service at competitive prices. We will ensure quality control throughout the process and strive to exceed your expectations each step of the way.

Reliable Data Cabling Solutions

As our customer, Systel will help you incorporate your existing voice and data, and wireless applications into a common corporate design. This maximizes productivity, increases connectivity speed, and allows your network to expand as your business does, saving you money in the long run.
If you do not have any existing voice and data cabling, we will focus on scalable state-of-the-art equipment that will handle your voice and data needs for years to come. With our specialty cabling options, we can devise and implement a system that is right for you.
Data Cabling is a key component of any networked system, therefore it is advisable when planning new IT infrastructure to commit 15-20% of the total cost in this area. Studies have shown that failures in badly designed and implemented cabling are very common and can get very expensive. So an investment in high quality cabling and network design is easily justified. Let Systel help you get it right, the first time!

Adds, Moves, Changes and Office Relocation

With over 20 years of experience in structured cabling installations, Systel can facilitate any necessary adds, moves, and changes for your voice and data cabling. Whether you need one new cable added to your network or need to move your entire business to a new location, Systel is well prepared to help.

Systel has led many complex office relocations and understands that downtime for your customers or staff is simply not an option. With experts trained in voice and data cabling, fiber optic cabling, cable removal and demolition, data center cabling and network cabling, we can make your next move easy, and reduce lost productivity during the process.


Your network is one of your company’s most valuable assets. It’s the central nervous system of your organization. Your challenge is to harness the power of exploding technology and make it work for you. Every minute spent tracking data, reconfiguring your cable, or searching for the source of a problem means loss of time and productivity and loss of profit.

Systel has the expertise and the testing equipment to certify your network infrastructure, whether it is data cabling, fiber cabling or both. Systel cable installation projects are completed in full accordance with TIA/ISO standards. You get professional, easy to read test reports documenting a quality-installed network.


Is your cabling or wiring infrastructure failing to perform up to expectations? Is your business’s telecommunications network experiencing significant downtime? Don’t let a poorly performing network cabling system negatively affect the productivity and bottom line of your business.

With more than 20 years of experience servicing big and small businesses in the Southeast, our certified technicians have the expertise and top-of-the-line equipment needed to troubleshoot and accurately diagnose the issues affecting your cabling system. We’ll provide you with a detailed yet easy-to-understand explanation of the issue, and the maintenance and repair options that you have available to you.

Honest & Affordable Cabling Solutions

We take pride in providing you with an affordable and comprehensive repair service that will help you get your business back online without breaking your budget. It is our goal to provide you with an honest solution that meets your business’s needs both now and in the future. We offer testing and troubleshooting for the following cabling infrastructures:
-Basic Structured Cabling
-Office Network Cabling
-Computer Network Cabling
-VoIP Cabling
-Business Ethernet Cabling
-Voice and Data Cabling
-Fiber Optic Cabling
-LAN Cabling
-Telephone Room Cabling
Systel also offers a cabling moving service designed to help your business safely move its cabling network infrastructure to your new office or building.

Schedule Your Cabling Service Today

If your business’s cabling system is performing poorly or experiencing significant downtime, contact us immediately. As one of Georgia’s most trusted cabling infrastructure testing and troubleshooting service companies, we’ll provide you with maintenance, repair, or upgrade options within your budget that will meet both your current and future needs.

Riser Management

Riser cabling is data and phone cabling that originates from the Minimum Point of Entry (MPOE), most commonly located in the basement, and is distributed to telco closets on each floor. From there, cables are dispersed to individual offices for phone, fax and internet services. It is essentially the central nervous system or “backbone” of all communications within a building.

Riser Management

Riser System Management is how vertical closets are maintained, supported, secured and extended from the MPOE (Minimum Point of Entry). What we see in most closets are a mixture of old and new equipment and/or circuits that are not properly labeled, maintained, or abandoned.
Because of the telecommunications industry’s evolving changes, a riser management company is fast becoming a requirement. Historically, telephone companies installed, owned and maintained building riser cables. Since the passing of the Telecom Act of 1996, the building owner is now accountable for the building riser system and the care of the building infrastructure cabling (Riser Cabling), as well as dealing with the Local Exchange Carriers (CLEC).
The building owner has to deliver or provide a means for delivery of circuits from the main telephone room to the tenant’s floor or suite. Clean up of non-used or abandoned cabling infrastructure also falls into the responsibility of the building owner.

Some benefits of a riser management system include

-Heightened building security
-Quick response time
-Code compliance
-Cost effective
-One contract for management and tenants
-Abandoned cabling removal
-Circuit Extension or Relocation
-Vertical Cabling Installation
-Horizontal Cabling Installation
-Third Party Circuit or Cable Installation
-Create a traceable order process

Under a riser management contract, Systel will inspect and document all riser closets including

-Riser closet security issues
-Fire-stopping issues
-Potential safety hazards
-Termination configurations
-Conduit capacities
-Non-industry standard conditions
-NEC code violations
-Status of closet organization
-Foreign equipment in riser closets
-Potentially damaged cables
-Potentially abandoned cables

Abandoned Cable

When several companies had transferred their workplace location or upgraded their cabling systems in the past, they left behind huge amounts of cable, which became abandoned in the riser systems and ceilings throughout their buildings. These abandoned cables caused significant issues for safety and security, given that in the event of a fire, it increases the level of fuel load. The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) was written into the National Electric Code (NEC) to provide regulations on how the demolition and removal of abandoned cable should be handled.

Fire Concerns

Take into consideration the regular communications wire that may be installed in a facility. A substantial section of the weight of that cable remains in the form of plastic insulation as well as jacking material that surrounds the copper wiring.

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